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       janitor - ARC Dynamic Runtime Environment Maintenance


       janitor [COMMAND] [JOB-ID] [RTE]...


       A  core  problem  for  grid  computing  is  to  provide  a large set of
       libraries across  all  contributing  sites.  In  order  to  do  so,  an
       automation of the software installation, referred to as dynamic Runtime
       Environments, is a suitable solution to get the computational  grid  to
       its   full   potential.   Janitor  is  a  tool  providing  a  dynamical
       installation, deinstallation and maintenance  of  supporting  libraries
       for jobs running in the grid.


              Registers a job and a set of runtime environments in the Janitor
              database. Requires [JOB-ID] and a list of [RTE]s

       deploy Downloads  and  installs  the  desired   runtime   environments.
              Requires an already registered [JOB-ID].

       remove Removes  the placeholder of the job on the runtime environments.
              If no more jobs  are  using  the  runtime  environment  and  the
              lifespan  of the runtime environment has be expired, the runtime
              environment can be removed using the sweep command. Requires  an
              existing [JOB-ID] to be removed.

       sweep  Removes  unused  runtime environments. No further arguements are
              required. Using  the  additional  option  --force  enforces  the
              removal  of  all  unused  runtime environments and expired jobs.
              Runtime  environments  having  the  state  FAILED  will  not  be

              Changes   the   state   of   a   dynamically  installed  runtime
              environment. This might be useful in case a runtime  environment
              with  a  state  FAILED  shall  be  removed  (new  state might be
              REMOVAL_PENDING). Requires  a  [STATE]  followd  by  a  list  of

       search Performs  a  simple  search  in  the  catalog  and  the manually
              installed  runtime  environments  (see  runtimedir  of  the  arc
              configuration  file).  Requires  a list of string to be searched
              for (no [JOB-ID] nor [RTE]s).

       list   Lists  all  information  about  jobs,  automatically   installed
              runtime    environments    and    manually   installed   runtime
              environments. No additional parameters have to be  passed.   The
              command may be followed by modifiers:

              shortlist for printing short machine-readable output.

              jobs only jobs are printed

              local local manually installed runtime environments are listed

              installed   shows   information  about  automatically  installed
              runtime environments

              installable shows information  about  automatically  installable
              runtime environments

              dynamic same as installed and installable

              rtes  information  about  all  kinds  of runtime environments is

              all prints information about all components

       info   Renders information about a job. Requires  the  parameter  [JOB-

              A  unique  sequence of digits. Once Janitor registered a job id,
              it cannot register a second job having the same job id.

       [RTE]  Runtime environments are defined by  a  continuous  string.  The
              name  of  valid  runtime  environment  names can be investigated
              using the list or the search commands. They are defined  in  the
              catalog  or  by the directories and scripts of the runtimedir of
              the exttt{grid-manager}.



              0      Registration was successful. No noteworthy occurrences.

              1      Registration was successful but some runtime environments
                     aren’t installed yet. Deploy is mandatory.

              2      An error occured.


              0      Sucessfully initialized job.

              1      Can’t provide requested runtime environments.


              0      Sucessfully removed job or no such job.

              1      Can’t provide requested runtime environments.


              0      Always returns this exit code.


              0      Changing the state was successful.

              1      Can not change the state.


              0      Search sucessfully finished.


              0      Successfully retrieved information.


              0      Successfully retrieved job information.

              1      No such job.

              2      Error while retrieving job information.


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       Steffen Moeller <>