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       jabberd - jabberd daemon


       jabberd [-B] [-c config] [-d mask | -D] [-H dir] [-v] [-V] [-Z zone(s)]
       [-I dir]


       jabberd is the  core  of  the  jabber  server  containing  the  routing
       functionality  that  is extended by specific logic, that is loaded from
       shared objects specified in the configuration file.


       -B     Background the jabberd process.  (This  option  is  disabled  in
              debugging mode.)

       -c     Specify  an  alternate  configuration  file.  Default  is to use

       -U <user>
              Run jabberd as <user>.

       -d <mask>
              Output debugging information while running. This option disabled
              backgrounding  of  the  jabberd process. The debugging output is
              either written  to  syslog  or  to  the  standard  error  output
              (configured in jabber.xml). The given mask is ORed with the mask
              given in the configuration file  and  each  bit  in  the  result
              enables  a  category  of debug logging messages. You can further
              limit the information that is printed by using the -Z option.

       -D     Like -d but enables debugging output of all types.

       -H <dir>
              Resolve paths relative to this directory.

       -v -V  Print jabberd version information.

       -Z <zones>
              Limit the debugging output to a given set of zones in the source
              code.   Comma  separated list of zones. Zones are the file names
              of the source  files  without  the  extension.  (E.g.  debugging
              statements in ’jabberd.c’ correspond to the zone ’jabberd’.)

       -I <dir>
              Import  data  from  a  spool  directory  to  the  storage engine
              configured in the current configuration file. This  is  intended
              to  be  used for migration from xdb_file storage to xdb_sql. The
              directory you specify should be the directory, that contains the
              directories,  that  are  named after the domains of your server.
              This is typically something like PREFIX/var/spool/jabberd.

   Exit states
       0      jabberd exited normally

       1      jabberd exited while starting up, probably the configuration  is

       999    jabberd exited because the server ran up of memory




       jabberd14 project