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       ivman-launch - launch script for Ivman


       ivman-launch  [  --exit-with-session  <cmd>  ]  [ OPTIONS ] [ COMMAND [
       ARGS... ]]


       ivman-launch is a simple script used to launch Ivman.  Its sole purpose
       is to ensure Ivman is closed at the end of a user’s login session.  You
       can use it if your session manager does not properly close  Ivman  when
       you log out.

       ivman-launch  supports  the same command-line options as Ivman, and one
       additional option: --exit-with-session.  Thus, there is no point  using
       ivman-launch if you do not need to use this option.

       If you supply a COMMAND (with optional ARGS), the the specified command
       will be run after ivman is started, and ivman will be killed after that
       command exits.


       --exit-with-session <cmd>
              ivman-launch  will  block until the command ’cmd’ terminates, at
              which point it will kill Ivman and exit itself.  If the  command
              ’cmd’  is  not  running when ivman-launch is started, Ivman will
              exit immediately.  Note that this option implies Ivman  will  be
              called with the ’--nofork’ option.  option.

       --debug --nofork --system
              These flags be passed to the launched ivman command.


       ivman-launch --exit-with-session xinit &
              The  ivman  process  will  be started, then the xinit process is
              watched.   When  the  xinit  process  exits,  ivman  is  killed.
              Placing  this command in an ~/.xinitrc file would cause Ivman to
              launch in the background when your session begins, and exit when
              your session ends:

       ivman-launch /usr/bin/x-window-manager
              The ivman process is launched, then /usr/bin/x-window-manager is
              run, when x-window-manager exits, ivman is killed.  This  is  an
              example of how ivman might be launched from Xsession in order to
              chain several programs together in one session.


       ivman(8) Xsession(5)


       This script was written by Daniele Favara.

                               10 February 2006