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       ipsec_ipsec_confread - internal routing to parse config file


       _confread is an internal script used for parsing /etc/ipsec.conf into a
       canonical format.


       _confread is going to be obsoleted in the next major release of
       Openswan in favour of the addcon code. The new code will load all the
       connections much faster then the current scripts that can takes minutes
       to load a few hunderd conns, and requires awk and sed commands not
       always available in their full versions, such as with busybox on
       embedded platforms. The old alternative to this called starter will
       also be removed as obsolete for the new addcon code.


       ipsec(8), ipsec_conf(8)


       Man page written for the Linux FreeS/WAN project
       <> by Michael Richardson. Program written by
       Henry Spencer.