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NAME  -  print  either  the  switch  specified or a list of
       switches from the ibnetdiscover output

SYNOPSIS    [-R    -l    -C     <ca_name>     -P     <ca_port>]


       Faster than greping/viewing with an editor the output of ibnetdiscover, will parse out and print either the switch information
       for  the  switch  specified  or a list of all the switches found in the
       subnet.  In addition, it will crudely parse  on  the  node  description
       information  and  if  found  report  all  the information for an entire
       chasis if the description information is consistent.

       Finally, will  also  reuse  the  cached  ibnetdiscover
       output  from  some  of the other diag tools which makes it a bit faster
       than running ibnetdiscover from scratch.


       -l     List the switches (simply a wrapper for ibswitches).

       -R     Recalculate the ibnetdiscover information, ie  do  not  use  the
              cached information.  This option is slower but should be used if
              the diag tools have not been used for some time or if there  are
              other reasons to believe that the fabric has changed.

       -C <ca_name>    use the specified ca_name for the search.

       -P <ca_port>    use the specified ca_port for the search.


       Ira Weiny

       Hal Rosenstock