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NAME - report link info for all links in the fabric

          [-Rhcdl  -C  <ca_name> -P <ca_port> -v <lt,hoq,vlstall> -S <guid> -D

DESCRIPTION reports the link info for each port of each switch active
       in the IB fabric.


       -R     Recalculate  the  ibnetdiscover  information,  ie do not use the
              cached information.  This option is slower but should be used if
              the  diag tools have not been used for some time or if there are
              other reasons to believe the fabric has changed.

       -S <guid>
              Output only the switch specified by <guid> (hex format)

       -D <direct_route>
              Output only the switch specified by the direct route path.

       -l     Print all information for each link on one line. Default  is  to
              print  a  header with the switch information and then a list for
              each port (useful for grepĀ“ing output).

       -d     Print only switches which have a port in the "Down" state.

       -v <lt,hoq,vlstall>
              Verify           additional           switch            settings

       -c     Print port capabilities (enabled and supported values)

       -C <ca_name>    use the specified ca_name for the search.

       -P <ca_port>    use the specified ca_port for the search.


       Ira Weiny