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       grml-btnets - program to setup a bluetooth network access point (NAP)


       grml-btnets [OPTIONS] <ACTION>


       grml-btnets  is  a program that provides an easy wrapper around all the
       programms to create a ready to run network access point  for  bluetooth
       and  additionally setup internet forwarding. If no pin is given for the
       bluetooth network, a random pin will be choosen.


       start  Start the network access point

       stop   Stop the network access point

       help   Show the help message.


       -h, help
              Show summary of options.

       -v     Show what is going on (more v => more out).

       -s [subnet] (default=
              The subnet for the bluetooth clients. There should be at least 8
              IPs in this subnet (/28).

       -i [interface] (default=eth0)
              Enable   IP-Forwarding   for   this   interface,   so  that  the
              bluetooth-network could, for example, connect to  the  internet.
              The  nameservers come from your /etc/resolv.conf, so be aware to
              configure this before you run grml-btnets. Grml-btnets does  not
              touch the ip_forward and iptables config without this option! Do
              not use this option if  you  already  have  a  working  internet
              gateway  on  your box. Grml-btnets assumes that the chain policy
              of forward is on accept. If this is  not  the  case  please  let
              packages from interface grmlbtnet pass.

       -p <pin>
              The  bluetooth pin. If no or an empty pin is given, a random one
              will be choosen and printed to stdout.


       grml-btnets -p 1234 start
              This creates a simple bluetooth access point (NAP) with  default
              values. The subnet for the bluetooth network is
              There will be no masquerading.

       grml-btnets stop
              Stops the NAP created with the command above.

       grml-btnets -s -i ppp0 start
              This creates a NAP and the  bluetooth  clients  get  IPs  within
      This  also  creates masquerading out of ppp0 to
              let bluetooth clients onto the internet.

       grml-btnets -i ppp0 stop
              This command stops the NAP created with the commando above.


       grml-btnet(8),   grml-btnetc(8),   pand(1),   hcid(8),    hcid.conf(5),
       hciconfig(8), hcidump(1), sdpd(8), sdptool(1)


       grml-btnets  was written by Michael Gebetsroither <>.

       This manual page was written by Michael Gebetsroither  <>.