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       fstrace_setlog - Sets the size of a trace log


       fstrace setlog [-log <log name>+]
           -buffersize <1-kilobyte units> [-help]

       fstrace setl [-l <log name>+] -b <1-kilobyte units> [-h]

       fstrace sl [-l <log name>+] -b <1-kilobyte units> [-h]


       The fstrace setlog command defines the number of kilobytes of kernel
       memory allocated for the "cmfx" trace log. If kernel memory is
       currently allocated, the command clears the current log and creates a
       new log buffer of the specified size.

       To display the current defined size of the log buffer, issue the
       fstrace lslog command with the -long argument. To control whether the
       indicated amount of space is actually allocated, use the fstrace setset
       command to set the status of the "cm" event set; to display the event
       set’s status, use the fstrace lsset command.


       -log <log name>+
           Names trace log for which to set the size. The only acceptable
           value is "cmfx", which is also the default if this argument is

       -buffersize <1-kilobyte units>
           Specifies the number of 1-kilobyte blocks of kernel memory to
           allocate for the trace log.

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options
           are ignored.


       The following command allocated 80 KB of kernel memory for the "cmfx"
       trace log:

          # fstrace setlog -log cmfx -buffersize 80


       The issuer must be logged in as the local superuser "root".


       fstrace(8), fstrace_lslog(8), fstrace_lsset(8), fstrace_setset(8)


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