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NAME - dump InfiniBand unicast forwarding tables

SYNOPSIS   [-h]   [-D]   [-C   ca_name]  [-P  ca_port]  [-t(imeout)
       timeout_ms] [>/path/to/dump-file]

DESCRIPTION is a script which dumps the InfiniBand unciast  forwarding
       tables (MFTs) in the switch nodes in the subnet.

       The  dump  file format is compatible with loading into OpenSM using the
       -R file -U /path/to/dump-file syntax.


       -D     dump forwarding tables  using  direct  routed  rather  than  LID
              routed SMPs

       -h     show help

       -C <ca_name>
              use the specified ca_name.

       -P <ca_port>
              use the specified ca_port.

       -t <timeout_ms>
              override the default timeout for the solicited mads.


       dump_mfts(8), ibroute(8), ibswitches(8), opensm(8)


       Sasha Khapyorsky

       Hal Rosenstock