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       dncopynodes - copy a list of nodes from a remote DEC system


       dncopynodes <nodename> [ldif-dn]


       This  program  will  generate a decnet.conf file by contacting a remote
       DECnet host (running VMS or RSX-11 probably) and doing  the  equivalent
       of  "NCP  COPY  KNOWN NODES". The resulting file can be copied over the
       existing decnet.conf file if you like.
       You do need a fully-functioning DECnet system before using this command
       but  you  don’t  need  any  nodes  other  than  the executor defined in
       decnet.conf.  dncopynodes will copy the  executor  information  already
       there into the new file.
       The  program  copies  its  output  to  standard  output. It is strongly
       recommended  that  you  review  it   before   replacing   an   existing
       /etc/decnet.conf file.
       The  node  name  can also be a node address if you don’t have any nodes
       defined in your existing decnet.conf.
       DO NOT attempt to redirect the  output  of  dncopynodes  directly  into
       /etc/decnet.conf.  It will fail and destroy your existing configuration
       file! Send it to a temporary file and then copy it (see EXAMPLES)
       dncopynodes can also create an LDIF file suitable for importing into an
       LDAP  database.  With  dnprogs 2.48 or later, DECnet programs can quiry
       this for node address information.


       # dncopynodes 3.34 > /tmp/decnet.conf
       # dncopynodes 3.34 dc=example,dc=com > /tmp/decnet.ldif
       # mv /tmp/decnet.conf /etc


       decnet.conf(5), setether(8)