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       dhcpcd - a wrapper for the DHCP client daemon.


       dhcpcd <option> <interface>


       In Debian, the DHCP client daemon binary is called dhcpcd-bin and it is
       invoked via a wrapper called dhcpcd.  Dhcpcd  is  normally  invoked  by
       ifup(8)  but ifup only allows the setting of a limited number of dhcpcd
       command  line  flags.  The  dhcpcd  wrapper  reads  extra  flags   from
       /etc/default/dhcpcd  and  then  invokes  dhcpcd-bin(8) It also adds the
       hostname as an argument to the command line, unless it is  already  set
       by  ifup  or /etc/default/dhcpcd or SET_HOSTNAME is configured. In that
       case there is no point in  sending  the  old  hostname  with  the  DHCP
       request  when  it will be overridden by a new name supplied by the DHCP

       Note that the interface argument must be supplied, there is no  default
       to eth0 like the unadorned dhcpcd binary.


       ifup(8) dhcpcd-bin(8)


       Simon Kelley <>