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       deliverquota - deliver to a maildir with a quota


       deliverquota [-c] [-w percent] {maildir} {quota}


       deliverquota delivers mail to a maildir taking into account any
       software-imposed quota on the maildir. This manually-enforced quota
       mechanism is described in the maildirquota(7)[1] and maildirmake(1)[2]
       manual pages. Instead of setting up your mail server to deliver the
       message directly to a maildir, configure the mail server to run the
       deliverquota program in order to deliver the message, and specify the
       location of the maildir as the argument to deliverquota.

       The second argument to deliverquota is optional. If present, quota
       specifies a new quota setting for this maildir. Specifying quota is
       equivalent to running maildirmake(1)[2] with the -q option. The second
       argument to deliverquota is considered obsolete, and may be removed in
       the future.

       deliverquota reads the message from standard input and delivers it to
       maildir.  maildir may specify a path directly to a maildir folder, not
       the main maildir (as long as the folder was created by the
       maildirmake(1)[2] command.

       The -c option automatically creates the maildir, and all missing parent
       subdirectories (as ´mkdir -p´). This option should be used with

       The -w N option places a warning message into the maildir if the
       maildir has a quota setting, and after the message was successfully
       delivered the maildir was at least N percent full. The warning message
       is copied verbatim from /etc/quotawarnmsg with the addition of the
       "Date:" and "Message-Id:" headers. The warning is repeated every 24
       hours (at least), until the maildir drops below N percent full.


       deliverquota delivers the message to the maildir and terminates with
       exit code 0 if the message can be delivered without going over quota.

       If the maildir is over its specified quota, deliverquota terminates
       with exit code 77 (EX_NOPERM).


       maildirquota(7)[1], maildirmake(1)[2],


        1. maildirquota(7)

        2. maildirmake(1)