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       debsums_gen   -   Generate  /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.md5sums  for  packages
       lacking it


       debsums_gen [-l] [[-f] package [package ...]]


       debsums_gen will look for packages that did not install a md5sums file.
       It will generate those checksums then from the installed files.

       Deprecated:  this  program  may  be removed in a later release, see the
       debsums --generate option.

       Note that this is not optimal. It is best if the md5sums are  generated
       when  the  maintainer  builds  the package. At the time that the system
       administrator gets around to run this tool something might already have
       happened  to  the  files  in the package. It is recommended to run this
       tool as soon as possible after an upgrade or  package  installation  in
       order to keep a full set of checksums for all files installed.

       When run with no options, debsums will check all installed packages for
       an md5sums list. If one is not present, it will  generate  one  for  it
       from  the  existing  file  list  in  /var/lib/dpkg/info.   You may also
       specify package name(s) on the command  line  to  generate  just  those
       md5sum  files. The -f option will force overwriting the current md5sums
       file for the listed package(s).


       -l     List  packages  which  do  not  have  an  md5sums  file  already

       -f     Force  overwriting current md5sums file when specifying packages
              on the command line.

       debsums_gen needs to be invoked as superuser.


       Christoph Lameter <>