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       The CPG library is delivered with the openais project.  This library is
       used to create distributed applications that  operate  properly  during
       partitions, merges, and faults.

       The  library provides a mechanism to: * handle abstraction for multiple
       instances of an CPG library in one  application  *  join  one  or  more
       groups * leave one or more groups * Deliver messages to members of that
       group * Deliver configuration changes


       The CPG library encrypts all messages sent over the network  using  the
       SOBER-128  stream  cipher.   The  EVS  library  uses  HMAC  and SHA1 to
       authenticate all messages.  The CPG library uses SOBER-128 as a  pseudo
       random  number  generator.   TheCPG  library  feeds  the PRNG using the
       /dev/random Linux device.


       This software is not yet production, so there may still be some bugs.


       cpg_initialize(3),  cpg_finalize(3),  cpg_fd_get(3),   cpg_dispatch(3),
       cpg_join(3), cpg_leave(3), cpg_mcast_joined(3), cpg_mmembership_get(3)