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       courierldapaliasd - LDAP-based mail aliasing


       courierldapaliasd {start}

       courierldapaliasd {stop}

       courierldapaliasd {restart}

       courierldapaliasd {query} {source} {address}


       courierldapaliasd supports mail address aliasing, as implemented by
       makealiases(8)[1] but using an LDAP directory instead of a GDBM or a DB
       database. The term "aliasing" refers to substituting one or more
       addresses for another address. A one-to-one substitution results in the
       Courier mail server accepting mail for one address, and delivering the
       mail to another address. A one-to-many substitution results in the
       Courier mail server accepting mail for one address, and delivering a
       separate copy of the message to every address defined by the alias.

       makealiases(8)[1] uses a GDBM or a DB database to perform the aliasing
       function.  courierldapaliasd uses an LDAP directory instead.

       "courierldapaliasd start" runs the courierldapaliasd process in the
       background, and should be executed at system startup.
       "courierldapaliasd stop" stops the background process.
       "courierldapaliasd restart" restarts the process, and rereads the
       ldapaliasrc configuration file to pick up any changes.
       courierldapaliasd restart must be executed in order for any changes to
       ldapaliasrc to take place.

       courierldapaliasd runs in the background and opens a persistent
       connection to the LDAP directory, and checks every recipient address
       using the persistent connection.  courierldapaliasd automatically
       starts an adjustable number of multiple processes. With persistent
       connections being used, this allows alias checking to be as efficient
       and quick as possible.

       "courierldapaliasd query source address" is a diagnostic tool. It
       requires that courierldapaliasd must already be running in the
       background; it sends a query for address to the background process, and
       prints the result. Like makealiases(8)[1], it is possible to create
       aliases that are accessible only to certain sources of mail, like
       "esmtp" or "local". The "source" argument specifies the source of the
       address, such as "local", "esmtp", or "uucp".


       courierldapaliasd requires OpenLDAP client libraries, and is installed
       automatically if OpenLDAP client libraries are available at
       installation time. The default ldapaliasrc configuration file contains
       additional instructions for configuring LDAP-based aliasing.





       dot-courier(5)[2], courier(8)[3], makealiases(8)[1], makeuserdb(8)[4].


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