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       confdb_overview - Confdb Library Overview


       The  CONFDB  library  is  delivered  with  the  corosync project.  This
       library is used to examine manipulate the configuration  database  used
       by corosync.

       The library provides a mechanism to:

       * Create new objects

       * Create new key/value pairs within those objects

       * Remove existing keys

       * Remove an existing object and all it sub-objects and keys

       * Read keys and values

       * Iterate keys within an object

       * Iterate subobjects within a parent object

       * Find a named object


       This software is not yet production, so there may still be some bugs.


       confdb_initialize(3),       confdb_finalize(3),       confdb_fd_get(3),
       confdb_dispatch(3), confdb_object_create(3),  confdb_object_destroy(3),
       confdb_object_parent_get(3),                      confdb_key_create(3),
       confdb_key_delete(3),     confdb_key_get(3),     confdb_key_replace(3),
       confdb_object_find_start(3),                     confdb_object_find(3),
       confdb_object_iter_start(3),                     confdb_object_iter(3),
       confdb_key_iter_start(3), confdb_key_iter(3),