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       cfetooldump - dump the contents of a database in XML format


       cfetool dump name [--path-p directory name] [--file-f filename]
       [--daily-d] [--weekly-w] [--yearly-y] [--verbose-v] [--help-h]


       Prints the contents of the specified database in XML format, with
       comments for human readability. This format can be read by cfetool

       The -d, -w, and -y options specify which databases to include in the
       dump, and may be combined. If they are all ommitted, the default is to
       only dump the weekly database.


       --path-p directory name
           Names the directory in which the database specified by name can be

       --file-f filename
           Names a file to print the XML to. If this option is omitted, the
           XML will be printed to the standard output stream.

           Include the daily pattern database in the dump.

           Include the weekly pattern database in the dump.

           Include the yearly pattern database in the dump.

           Print details of the command’s execution to the standard output
           stream.  When using this argument, it is recommended that you also
           provide the -f argument, to avoid sharing the standard output

           Print a short help message and then exit.


         % cfetool dump temperature --path /my/path -f temperature.xml

       Prints the following to the file temperature.xml:

        <!-- cfetool Database Dump -->

               <name> temperature </name>

               <age> 1 </age> <!-- steps (0.001 weeks) -->

               <step> 10 </step> <!-- minutes -->

               <!-- consecutive updates -->
               <iterations> 1 </iterations>

               <!-- last update at Tue Aug 31 10:32:05 2004 -->
               <timestamp> 1093973525 </timestamp>

               <!-- current weighted average -->
               <expect> 7.105000 </expect>

               <!-- current variance -->
               <var> 38.280217 </var>

        <!-- data entries -->
               <entry> <timekey> Tue:Hr10:Min30_40 </timekey>
                       <expect> 10.150000 </expect>
                       <var> 13.245750 </var>



       The code and documentation were contributed by Stanford Linear
       Accelerator Center, a department of Stanford University.  This
       documentation was written by

       Elizabeth Cassell <> and
       Alf Wachsmann <>


        Copyright 2004 Alf Wachsmann <> and
                       Elizabeth Cassell <>
        All rights reserved.