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     certpatch - add subjectAltName identities to X.509 certificates


     certpatch [-t identity-type] -i identity -k signing-key input-certificate


     certpatch alters PEM-encoded X.509 certificates by adding a
     subjectAltName extension containing an identity used by the signature-
     based authentication schemes of the ISAKMP protocol.  After the addition
     the certificate will be signed once again with the supplied CA signing

     The options are as follows:

     -t identity-type
             If given, the -t option specifies the type of the given identity.
             Currently ip, fqdn, and ufqdn are recognized.  The default is ip.

     -i identity
             The -i option takes an argument which is the identity to put into
             the subjectAltName field of the certificate.  If the identity-
             type is ip, this argument should be an IPv4 address in dotted
             decimal notation.

     -k signing-key
             The -k option specifies the key used for signing the certificate
             once the subjectAltName extension has been added.  The key is
             specified by the filename where it is stored in PEM format.


     isakmpd(8), ssl(8)