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       cconf - ceph conf file tool


       cconf -c conffile -l prefix
       cconf key [ default ] -s section1 ...
       cconf key [ default ] -i id -t type


       cconf   is   a  utility  for  extracting  values  from  a  "INI"  style
       configuration files.  It has three basic modes of operation.

       The first mode simply prints all section names that begin with  prefix.

       The  second  mode  extracts an option value by searching through one or
       more sections, in the order specified on  the  command  line.   If  the
       option does not exist in

       The  third  mode  will look in the standard section names for the given
       daemon id of type type.  conffile, an optional  default  value  may  be
       output instead.


       To extract the value of the "osd data" option for the osd0 daemon,

              cconf -c foo.conf "osd data" -i 0 -t osd

       This is equivalent to doing specifying sections [osd0], [osd.0], [osd],
       or [global], in that order of preference:

              cconf -c foo.conf "osd data" -s osd0 -s osd.0 -s osd -s global

       To list all sections that begin with osd:

              cconf -c foo.conf -l osd


       cconf is part of the Ceph distributed file system.  Please refer to the
       Ceph wiki at for more information.


       ceph(8), mkcephfs(8)