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       capisuite - Python-scriptable ISDN telecommunication suite


       CapiSuite  is a Python-scriptable ISDN telecommunication suite. It uses
       the new CAPI interface for accessing your  ISDN-hardware  -  so  you’ll
       need  a card for which a CAPI compatible driver is available. Currently
       these are all cards manufactured by AVM and some Eicon cards.

       This  man  page  only  gives  a  short  introduction,  for   the   real
       documentation  please  see  the  HTML  or  PDF  manual distributed with

       CapiSuite tries to give the user the  ability  to  code  his  own  ISDN
       applications  without  having  to  fiddle  around  with  all  the dirty
       programming details like callback  functions,  data  buffers,  protocol
       settings and so on.

       I  took  a  scripting  language  which  is (in my opinion) very easy to
       understand, to use and to learn - especially for beginners:  Python.  I
       extended  it  with  some  functions  providing the basic ISDN "building
       blocks" for the users application. Behind these functions the heart  of
       CapiSuite  implements all the dirty details a user isn’t interested in.
       My goal was to make script-coding as simple as  possible  but  to  also
       give you the flexibility to realize what you want.

       To give you an impression, coding a simple answering machine is as easy
       as:.IP  .nf  def  callIncoming  (call,  service,  call_from,  call_to):
       connect_voice  (call, 10) # answer call after 10 secs audio_send (call,
       "") # play announcement audio_send  (call,  "")  #
       play beep audio_receive (call, "", 10) # record call .fi

       Of  course  some details are missing like creating a unique filename or
       storing the additional information (called and calling  party  numbers,
       time, ...) - but I assume you got my idea.

       And  -  don’t  be  afraid - if you just want to have a normal answering
       machine or send and receive some fax documents, you can use the default
       scripts  distributed  with  CapiSuite.  They give you already some nice
       features - e.g. the answering machine  is  multi-user  ready,  supports
       automatic  fax detection and remote inquiry functions. You’ll only need
       to tell CapiSuite some details like your  own  number,  record  an  own
       announcement and that’s it.

       So CapiSuite is already equipped for your daily telecommunication needs
       - but if you don’t like to do the things the way I do - just change  it
       or  completely do it on your own. And if you write nice scripts or have
       changes to my default scripts, I would love to  get  and  perhaps  make
       them available for all users if you don’t mind.


       capisuite.conf(5),        fax.conf(5),       answering_machine.conf(5),


       Gernot Hillier <>.