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       blootbot - the slowest and most bloated IRC bot on the internet


       blootbot config-path


       blootbot  is  a feature-ridden IRC bot originally based on infobot, the
       primary task of which is to store information in the form of  factoids.

       A  factoid  is  a  short snippet of information, indexed by a key name.
       From wordnet:

       factoid(n): something resembling a fact;  unverified  (often  invented)
                   information  that  is given credibility because it appeared
                   in print

       The configuration files for blootbot control it’s global behaviour, but
       most  administration  is  done online, via it’s DCC and chat management
       interfaces. For example:

       <asuffield> apt, factoid is a trivial piece of information

       <apt>       ok, asuffield

       The factoid keyed with name "factoid" now has value "a trivial piece of
       information". This can be extracted with forms such as:

       <asuffield> apt, factoid?

       <apt>       methinks factoid is a trivial piece of information

       <asuffield> apt, tell root about factoid

       (apt sends a /msg to "root" telling him/her/it the value of "factoid")


       config-path   is   the  path  to  where  the  files  blootbot.conf  and
       directories can be found, which set basic blootbot behaviour and locate
       the relevant files inside the FHS, respectively.


       Online help is accessed by saying "help" to the bot when it is running.

       Brief      setup      instructions      can      be      found       in
       /usr/share/doc/blootbot/README.Debian. There is no other documentation,


       This manual page was written by Andrew Suffield <>,
       for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                 May  7, 2001