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       autotrust -  automated updates of DNSSEC trust anchors.


       autotrust [-c configfile] [-d] [-h] [-v verbosity]


       autotrust is a standalone application that automatically updates DNSSEC
       trust anchors. These can  be  used  for  DNSSEC  aware  resolvers  like
       Unbound  or BIND9. It is compliant with RFC 5011, with the exception of
       query intervals  and  retry  times.  In  order  to  follow  these  time
       recommendations,  autotrust  should run as a daemon. It is to be called
       from the commandline once in a while, or from a cron job.


       All the configurations need to be set in the  configuration  file.  For
       more information, see the autotrust.conf.sample.

       -c configfile
              Use this configfile.

       -d     Run as daemon.

       -h     Print help information and exit.

       -v verbosity
              Specify  a  verbosity  level. Setting it to zero will produce no
              output. Default verbosity level is 1. If verbosity is  given  in
              the configfile, the commandline value will be overrided.


              default configuration file.

       /var/lib/autotrust/autotrust.state  default  file to store trust anchor


       autotrust will log all notifications  and  problems  to  the  specified
       logfile.  If no logfile was specified, output is directed to stderr. If
       autotrust is not daemonized, it will perform a  single  active  refresh
       and  will return zero code if the refresh was successfull, 1 otherwise.


       autotrust was written by NLnet Labs.


       Bugreports can be send to  See  TODO  for
       more information.