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       auth2db-alert - alert manager for Auth2DB suite


       auth2db-alert  is one part of Auth2DB suite, which permforms the alert-
       interaction interfaces for all possible preset rules.

       Alert feature  activation  is  asked  during  installation  of  Auth2DB
       package.   If  you  chose  not to configure Auth2DB or to disable Alert
       feature, you are encorage to use ’dpkg-reconfigure auth2db’ in case you
       want to enable.

       auth2db-alert  is managed by Auth2db frontend configuration tool, it is
       not a standalone neither a command line tool.

       You can find this settings in ’/etc/defaults/auth2db’.

       For mor information, check ’/usr/share/doc/auth2db’


       /etc/defaults/auth2db, /etc/init.d/auth2db


       This manpage was writen by Ulises Vitulli <> for  the
       Debian project