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       InteractiveBastille - bastion a host using Bastille




       This manual page documents InteractiveBastille briefly.

       This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution

       InteractiveBastille  asks questions to the user in order to define what
       security measures must  be  implemented  on  the  current  system.  The
       intention  is to both educate administrators on security and harden the
       host’s    security.     The    configuration    file    generated    by
       InteractiveBastille is then used by BastilleBackEnd to make the changes
       to the local system if the administrator agrees to run the changes.  In
       any  case, the same configuration can be used to harden other (similar)
       hosts non-interactively using AutomatedBastille.


       InteractiveBastille uses the following options:

       -x     Use the Perl/Tk (X11) GUI (In  Debian  GNU/Linux  this  requires
              that the perl-tk package is installed)

       -c     Use  the Curses (non-X11) GUI (In Debian GNU/Linux this requires
              that the libcurses-perl package is installed)

       -T,    Test mode only, the questions in the  database  are  tested  but
              nothing is done.

              Ask all questions, even ones that do not apply.

       -v     Verbose mode, actions are printed to the logs and to STDOUT.

       -l     Log-only  mode: no action is taken; only logs what changes would
              have been made.

       -r PREFIX
              All  the  filenames  are  prefixed  with  PREFIX  (/etc/whatever
              becomes  /PREFIX/etc/whatever).  This  option  could  be used to
              commit changes to  NFS  filesystems,  or  file  systems  with  a
              different mount point than the current root (/) filesystem.


              Configuration  file  which  defines  all  the  security measures
              selected by the administrator to be enabled.
              Logs that hold information of actions taken on the system.


       bastille(7),         AutomatedBastille(8),          BastilleBackEnd(8).
       RevertBastille(8), BastilleChooser(8).
       The     programs     have     more     documentation    available    at
       /usr/share/doc/bastille on Debian systems.


       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Javier  Fernández-Sanguino   Peña
       <>  for  the  Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used on
       other systems).

       Bastille was primarily written by Jay Beale, and is licensed under  the
       GNU General Public License

                                10th May, 2001