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       pmdaOpenLog - redirect stderr to a logfile


       #include <pcp/pmapi.h>
       #include <pcp/impl.h>
       #include <pcp/pmda.h>

       void pmdaOpenLog(pmdaInterface * dispatch);

       cc ... -lpcp_pmda -lpcp


       pmdaOpenLog  redirects  stderr to the logfile specified in the dispatch
       structure, set by the previous call to pmdaDaemon(3) or  pmdaGetOpt(3).
       The  first  line  of  the  log file will detail the name of the calling
       process, the host the process is running on, and the current time.   In
       addition,  the  log  is appended with the exit time of the process by a
       routine registered with atexit(3C).


       The PMDA must be using PMDA_PROTOCOL_2 or later, as  specified  in  the
       call to pmdaDSO(3) or pmdaDaemon(3).

       A PMDA(3) which uses at least one sproc(2) may dump core on exit due to
       a race condition with atexit(2) in some versions of IRIX.  There is  no
       known solution for this problem at this time.


       Environment variables with the prefix PCP_ are used to parameterize the
       file and directory names used by PCP.  On each installation,  the  file
       /etc/pcp.conf  contains  the  local  values  for  these variables.  The
       $PCP_CONF variable may be used to specify an alternative  configuration
       file,  as  described in pcp.conf(4).  Values for these variables may be
       obtained programatically using the pmGetConfig(3) function.


       pmcd(1), atexit(2), PMAPI(3), PMDA(3), pmdaDaemon(3) and pmdaGetOpt(3).