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       pmdaConnect - establish a connection between a daemon PMDA and PMCD


       #include <pcp/pmapi.h>
       #include <pcp/impl.h>
       #include <pcp/pmda.h>

       void pmdaConnect(pmdaInterface * dispatch);

       cc ... -lpcp_pmda -lpcp


       pmdaConnect  initializes  an  IPC  channel  between  a  PMDA(3) and the
       pmcd(1) process on the local host.   The  type  of  the  connection  is
       dependent on the e_io field of the pmdaExt structure:

       pmdaPipe       Use  stdin/stdout to communicate; assumes this is a pipe
                      created by pmcd before the PMDA(3) was launched.

       pmdaInet       Assume  pmcd(1)  will  establish  a  connection  to   an
                      internet  domain socket set up by the PMDA(3).  The name
                      or  number  of  the  port  must  be  specified  in   the
                      e_sockname  or  e_port  fields of the pmdaExt structure,

       pmdaUnix       Assume pmcd(1) will establish a  connection  to  a  unix
                      domain  socket  set  up by the PMDA(3).  The port number
                      must be specified in the e_port  field  of  the  pmdaExt

       pmdaUnknown    The  initial  value  of  e_io  which  defaults  to using

       The relevant pmdaExt fields are initialized by pmdaInit(3) and  set  by
       pmdaGetOpt(3),  so most PMDAs should not need to access or modify them.


       pmdaConnect will log the type of connection  made  to  pmcd(1)  if  the
       PMAPI(3)  debug  control  variable  (pmDebug) has the DBG_TRACE_LIBPMDA
       flag set.

       If an error occurs that is unrecoverable, dispatch->status is set to  a
       value less than 0, otherwise it is zero or positive.


       The  PMDA  must be using PMDA_INTERFACE_2 or later, as specified in the
       call to pmdaDaemon(3).


       pmcd(1),  pipe(2),   socket(2),   PMAPI(3),   PMDA(3),   pmdaDaemon(3),
       pmdaGetOpt(3) and pmdaInit(3).