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       pmPrintValue - print a performance metric value


       #include <stdio.h>
       #include <pcp/pmapi.h>

       void  pmPrintValue(FILE  *f,  int valfmt, int type, const pmValue *val,
       int minwidth)

       cc ... -lpcp


       The value of a single performance metric  (as  identified  by  val)  is
       printed on the standard I/O stream identified by f.

       The  value  of  the  performance metric is interpreted according to the
       format of val as defined by valfmt (from a pmValueSet within a pmResult
       structure;  see  pmFetch(3)) and the generic description of the metrics
       type passed in via type.

       The value for type is typically  extracted  from  a  pmDesc  structure,
       following  a  call  to  pmLookupDesc(3)  for  a  particular performance

       The output will be optionally padded to be at least minwidth characters

       pmPrintValue  is  most  useful  for  displaying  values  of performance
       metrics from pmFetch(3) (which returns a set of valfmt  and  val  pairs
       for  each  requested  metric),  based upon the metrics type as returned
       from pmLookupDesc(3).


       PMAPI(3), pmAtomStr(3), pmConvScale(3), pmExtractValue(3),  pmFetch(3),
       pmLookupDesc(3), pmTypeStr(3) and pmUnitsStr(3).