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       ost::OZStream -


       #include <zstream.h>

   Public Member Functions
       OZStream (bool throwflag=false)
       OZStream (const char *name, int level=Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION, size_t
           size=512, bool tf=false)
       bool isOpen (void)
       void close (void)
       virtual ~OZStream ()
       void open (const char *name, int level=Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION, size_t
       size_t getBufferSize (void)

   Protected Member Functions
       void allocate (size_t size)
       int overflow (int ch)

   Protected Attributes
       size_t bufsize
       char * pbuf

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   ost::OZStream::OZStream (bool throwflag = false)
   ost::OZStream::OZStream (const char * name, int level =
       Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION, size_t size = 512, bool tf = false)
   virtual ost::OZStream::~OZStream () [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

   void ost::OZStream::allocate (size_t size) [protected]
   void ost::OZStream::close (void)
   size_t ost::OZStream::getBufferSize (void) [inline]
   bool ost::OZStream::isOpen (void)
   void ost::OZStream::open (const char * name, int level =
       Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION, size_t size = 512)
   int ost::OZStream::overflow (int ch) [protected]

Member Data Documentation

   size_t ost::OZStream::bufsize [protected]
   char* ost::OZStream::pbuf [protected]


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