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       ost::Number -

       A number manipulation class.


       #include <numbers.h>

       Inherited by ost::DateNumber, and ost::ZNumber.

   Public Member Functions
       Number (char *buffer, unsigned size)
           Create an instance of a number.
       void setValue (long value)
       const char * getBuffer () const
       long getValue () const
       long operator() ()
       operator long ()
       operator char * ()
       long operator= (const long value)
       long operator+= (const long value)
       long operator-= (const long value)
       long operator-- ()
       long operator++ ()
       int operator== (const Number &num)
       int operator!= (const Number &num)
       int operator< (const Number &num)
       int operator<= (const Number &num)
       int operator> (const Number &num)
       int operator>= (const Number &num)

   Protected Attributes
       char * buffer
       unsigned size

       long operator+ (const Number &num, const long val)
       long operator+ (const long val, const Number &num)
       long operator- (const Number &num, long val)
       long operator- (const long val, const Number &num)

Detailed Description

       A number manipulation class.

       This is used to extract, convert, and manage simple numbers that are
       represented in C ascii strings in a very quick and optimal way.

           David Sugar <> number manipulation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   ost::Number::Number (char * buffer, unsigned size)
       Create an instance of a number. Parameters:
           buffer or NULL if created internally.
           size use - values for zero filled.

Member Function Documentation

   const char* ost::Number::getBuffer () const [inline]
   long ost::Number::getValue () const
   ost::Number::operator char * () [inline]
   ost::Number::operator long () [inline]
   int ost::Number::operator!= (const Number & num)
   long ost::Number::operator() () [inline]
   long ost::Number::operator++ ()
   long ost::Number::operator+= (const long value)
   long ost::Number::operator-- ()
   long ost::Number::operator-= (const long value)
   int ost::Number::operator< (const Number & num)
   int ost::Number::operator<= (const Number & num)
   long ost::Number::operator= (const long value)
       Reimplemented in ost::ZNumber.

   int ost::Number::operator== (const Number & num)
   int ost::Number::operator> (const Number & num)
   int ost::Number::operator>= (const Number & num)
   void ost::Number::setValue (long value)
       Reimplemented in ost::ZNumber.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

   long operator+ (const long val, const Number & num) [friend]
   long operator+ (const Number & num, const long val) [friend]
   long operator- (const long val, const Number & num) [friend]
   long operator- (const Number & num, long val) [friend]

Member Data Documentation

   char* ost::Number::buffer [protected]
   unsigned ost::Number::size [protected]


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