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       ost::CommandOptionNoArg -

       CommandOption type for flags.


       #include <cmdoptns.h>

       Inherits ost::CommandOption.

   Public Member Functions
       CommandOptionNoArg (const char *inOptionName, const char
           *inOptionLetter, const char *inDescription, bool inRequired=false,
           CommandOption **ppNext=&defaultCommandOptionList)
           CommandOptionArg contructor.
       virtual void foundOption (CommandOptionParse *cop, const char *value=0)
           CommandOptionNoArg::foundOption will evpect a nil value passed

   Public Attributes
       int numSet
           The number of times this value has been set.

Detailed Description

       CommandOption type for flags.



Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   ost::CommandOptionNoArg::CommandOptionNoArg (const char * inOptionName,
       const char * inOptionLetter, const char * inDescription, bool
       inRequired = false, CommandOption ** ppNext =
       CommandOptionArg contructor. This sets the optionType for this object
       to NoArg.

           inOptionName long option name
           inOptionLetter short letter name
           inDescription short description of the option
           inRequired true if option is required
           ppNext the linked list header

Member Function Documentation

   virtual void ost::CommandOptionNoArg::foundOption (CommandOptionParse *
       cop, const char * value = 0) [virtual]
       CommandOptionNoArg::foundOption will evpect a nil ’value’ passed in.

       Reimplemented from ost::CommandOption.

Member Data Documentation

   int ost::CommandOptionNoArg::numSet
       The number of times this value has been set.


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