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       ost::CRC16Digest -

       A crc16 collection/compution hash accumulator class.


       #include <digest.h>

       Inherits ost::Digest.

   Public Member Functions
       CRC16Digest ()
       CRC16Digest (const CRC16Digest &crc)
       virtual ~CRC16Digest ()
       void initDigest (uint16 crc)
       void initDigest (void)
       unsigned getSize (void)
       CRC16Digest & operator= (const CRC16Digest &right)
       operator const uint16 () const
       uint16 getDigest (void)
       unsigned getDigest (unsigned char *buffer)
       void putDigest (const unsigned char *buffer, unsigned length)

   Protected Member Functions
       int overflow (int c)
       std::ostream & strDigest (std::ostream &os)

Detailed Description

       A crc16 collection/compution hash accumulator class.

           David Sugar <> crc16 computation hash.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   ost::CRC16Digest::CRC16Digest ()
   ost::CRC16Digest::CRC16Digest (const CRC16Digest & crc)
   virtual ost::CRC16Digest::~CRC16Digest () [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

   unsigned ost::CRC16Digest::getDigest (unsigned char * buffer) [virtual]
       Implements ost::Digest.

   uint16 ost::CRC16Digest::getDigest (void) [inline]
   unsigned ost::CRC16Digest::getSize (void) [inline, virtual]
       Implements ost::Digest.

   void ost::CRC16Digest::initDigest (void) [inline, virtual]
       Implements ost::Digest.

       References initDigest().

       Referenced by initDigest().

   void ost::CRC16Digest::initDigest (uint16 crc) [inline]
   ost::CRC16Digest::operator const uint16 () const [inline]
   CRC16Digest& ost::CRC16Digest::operator= (const CRC16Digest & right)
   int ost::CRC16Digest::overflow (int c) [protected]
   void ost::CRC16Digest::putDigest (const unsigned char * buffer, unsigned
       length) [virtual]
       Implements ost::Digest.

   std::ostream& ost::CRC16Digest::strDigest (std::ostream & os) [protected,
       Implements ost::Digest.


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