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       ost::Audio::Info - Audio source description.


       #include <audio2.h>

   Public Member Functions
       Info ()
       void clear (void)
       void set (void)
       void setFraming (timeout_t frame)
       void setRate (Rate rate)

   Public Attributes
       Format format
       Encoding encoding
       unsigned long rate
       unsigned long bitrate
       unsigned order
       unsigned framesize
       unsigned framecount
       unsigned headersize
       unsigned padding
       timeout_t framing
       char * annotation

Detailed Description

       Audio source description.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

   ost::Audio::Audio::Info::Info ()

Member Function Documentation

   void ost::Audio::Audio::Info::clear (void)
   void ost::Audio::Audio::Info::set (void)
   void ost::Audio::Audio::Info::setFraming (timeout_t frame)
   void ost::Audio::Audio::Info::setRate (Rate rate)

Member Data Documentation

   char* ost::Audio::Audio::Info::annotation
   unsigned long ost::Audio::Audio::Info::bitrate
   Encoding ost::Audio::Audio::Info::encoding
   Format ost::Audio::Audio::Info::format
   unsigned ost::Audio::Audio::Info::framecount
   unsigned ost::Audio::Audio::Info::framesize
   timeout_t ost::Audio::Audio::Info::framing
   unsigned ost::Audio::Audio::Info::headersize
   unsigned ost::Audio::Audio::Info::order
   unsigned ost::Audio::Audio::Info::padding
   unsigned long ost::Audio::Audio::Info::rate


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