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       njb_songid_struct -


       #include <libnjb.h>

   Data Fields
       u_int32_t trid
       u_int16_t nframes
       njb_songid_frame_t * first
       njb_songid_frame_t * last
       njb_songid_frame_t * cur
       njb_songid_t * next

Detailed Description

       The song ID struct is used for holding metadata about a particular


       gettr.c, sendtr.c, tagtr.c, and tracks.c.

Field Documentation

   njb_songid_frame_t* njb_songid_struct::cur A pointer to the current frame
       Referenced by NJB_Songid_Addframe(), NJB_Songid_Getframe(), and

   njb_songid_frame_t* njb_songid_struct::first A pointer to the first frame
       Referenced by NJB_Songid_Addframe(), and NJB_Songid_Reset_Getframe().

   njb_songid_frame_t* njb_songid_struct::last A pointer to the last frame
       Referenced by NJB_Songid_Addframe().

   njb_songid_t* njb_songid_struct::next Used internally on series 3 devices
       for spanning lists of song IDs only
       Referenced by NJB_Songid_New().

   u_int16_t njb_songid_struct::nframes The number of frames in this song ID
       Referenced by NJB_Songid_Addframe(), songid_pack(), and songid_pack3().

   u_int32_t njb_songid_struct::trid The track ID as used on the device
           gettr.c, and tracks.c.


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