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       ne_i18n_init - functions to initialize internationalization support


       #include <ne_i18n.h>

       void ne_i18n_init(const char *encoding);


       The ne_i18n_init function can be used to enable support for translated
       messages in the neon library. The encoding parameter, if non-NULL,
       specifies the character encoding required for generated translated
       string. If it is NULL, the appropriate character encoding for the
       process locale will be used.

       This call is only strictly necessary if either:
        1.  neon has been installed into a different prefix than the gettext
           implementation on which it depends for i18n purposes, or
        2.  the caller requires that translated messages are in a particular
           character encoding.

       If ne_i18n_init is never called, the message catalogs will not be found
       if case (a) applies (and so English error messages will be used), and
       will use the default character encoding specified by the process
       locale. The library will otherwise operate correctly.

       Note that the encoding used is a process-global setting and so results
       may be unexpected if other users of neon within the process call
       ne_i18n_init with a different encoding parameter.




       Joe Orton <>