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       libmtp - LIBMTP_allowed_values_struct


       #include <libmtp.h>

   Data Fields
       uint8_t u8max
       uint8_t u8min
       uint8_t u8step
       uint8_t * u8vals
       int8_t i8max
       int8_t i8min
       int8_t i8step
       int8_t * i8vals
       uint16_t u16max
       uint16_t u16min
       uint16_t u16step
       uint16_t * u16vals
       int16_t i16max
       int16_t i16min
       int16_t i16step
       int16_t * i16vals
       uint32_t u32max
       uint32_t u32min
       uint32_t u32step
       uint32_t * u32vals
       int32_t i32max
       int32_t i32min
       int32_t i32step
       int32_t * i32vals
       uint64_t u64max
       uint64_t u64min
       uint64_t u64step
       uint64_t * u64vals
       int64_t i64max
       int64_t i64min
       int64_t i64step
       int64_t * i64vals
       uint16_t num_entries
       LIBMTP_datatype_t datatype
       int is_range

Detailed Description

       A data structure to hold allowed ranges of values

Field Documentation

   LIBMTP_datatype_t LIBMTP_allowed_values_struct::datatype The datatype
       specifying which of the above is used
       Referenced by LIBMTP_destroy_allowed_values_t(), and

   int LIBMTP_allowed_values_struct::is_range Non zero for range, 0 for enum
       Referenced by LIBMTP_destroy_allowed_values_t(), and

   uint16_t LIBMTP_allowed_values_struct::num_entries Number of entries in the
       vals array
       Referenced by LIBMTP_Get_Allowed_Property_Values().


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