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       Manipulator Classes -

       class SoCenterballManip
           The SoCenterballManip wraps an SoCenterballDragger for convenience.

   class SoClipPlaneManip
       The SoClipPlaneManip class is used to manipulate clip planes.

   class SoDirectionalLightManip
       The SoDirectionalLightManip class is used to manipulate
       SoDirectionalLight nodes.

   class SoHandleBoxManip
       The SoHandleBoxManip class wraps an SoHandleBoxDragger for manipulating
       a transformation.

   class SoJackManip
       The SoJackManip wraps an SoJackDragger for convenience.

   class SoPointLightManip
       The SoPointLightManip class is used to manipulate point light nodes.

   class SoSpotLightManip
       The SoSpotLightManip class is used to manipulate spot light nodes.

   class SoTabBoxManip
       The SoTabBoxManip class wraps an SoTabBoxDragger.

   class SoTrackballManip
       The SoTrackballManip wraps an SoTrackballDragger for convenience.

   class SoTransformBoxManip
       The SoTransformBoxManip wraps an SoTransformBoxDragger for convenience.

   class SoTransformManip
       The SoTransformManip class is used to manipulate transformations.

       A manipulator is used by replacing the node you want to edit in the
       graph with the manipulator. Draggers are used to to manipulate the
       node. When manipulation is finished, the node is put back into the
       graph, replacing the manipulator. "
   class SoTransformerManip
       The SoTransformerManip wraps an SoTransformerDragger for convenience.


Detailed Description

       Manipulators are objects you can swap back and forth into a scene graph
       at locations where you have an SoTransform node. They take the place of
       the SoTransform, continue to act like the SoTransform, but in addition
       give the user a 3D user interface, using draggers, for controlling the
       transform. When the user is done manipulating, the manipulator can swap
       itself back out, replacing itself with an SoTransform that represent
       the new transform value.

       Manipulators is one of the concepts that really made Open Inventor
       stand out against the alternatives when it came out.

       See also:
           Dragger Classes


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