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       lqr_carver_set_dump_vmaps, lqr_carver_set_no_dump_vmaps - set the
       visibility maps autodump for an LqrCarver object


       #include <lqr.h>

       void lqr_carver_set_dump_vmaps(LqrCarver* carver);

       void lqr_carver_set_no_dump_vmaps(LqrCarver* carver);


       Invoking function lqr_carver_set_dump_vmaps over the LqrCarver object
       pointed to by carver has the effect of activating the automatic dumping
       of visibility maps at each rescale operation (which by default is
       turned off).

       Rescale operations involving both directions will dump two maps.

       The dumped maps will be attached to the LqrCarver object and can be
       accessed at any later time using the functions lqr_vmap_list_foreach(3)
       or a combination of lqr_vmap_list_start(3), lqr_vmap_list_current(3)
       and lqr_vmap_list_next(3).

       Using this setting is pointless if the LqrCarver object is not

       The function lqr_carver_set_no_dump_vmaps reverts the effect of the
       previous one (but the maps dumped so far will be kept).

       Note that it is also possible to dump the visibility maps manually;
       however, using the automatic dump is the only way to get intermidiate
       maps when the function lqr_carver_resize(3) performs the rescaling in
       both directions, or in more than one step.


       lqr_carver_init(3), lqr_carver_resize(3), lqr_carver_set_enl_step(3),
       lqr_carver_set_side_switch_frequency(3), lqr_carver_set_progress(3),
       lqr_carver_set_preserve_input_image(3), lqr_vmap_list_start(3),
       lqr_vmap_list_current(3), lqr_vmap_list_next(3),
       lqr_vmap_list_foreach(3), lqr_carver_set_use_cache(3)


       Copyright © 2007-2009 Carlo Baldassi