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       lqr_carver_cancel - cancel ongoing operations on a LqrCarver object


       #include <lqr.h>

       LqrRetVal lqr_carver_cancel(LqrCarver* carver);


       The function lqr_carver_cancel can be used to cancel an ongoing
       operation which is currently being performed on the the LqrCarver
       object pointed to by carver. It must be used asynchronouly, from within
       an independent thread.

       If an operation is in fact cancelled by this function, the function
       which was performing the operation will return the value LQR_USRCANCEL,
       and so will do any other operation successively called on the same
       LqrCarver object whose return type is LqrRetVal; otherwise it will have
       no effect.

       Whenever a function returns LQR_USRCANCEL, it means that the LqrCarver
       object is in an inconsistent state, and, since there is currently no
       way to recover from this situation, any further operation on that
       object must be avoided, and it must be destroyed.

       This function will fail if invoked over attached LqrCarver objects.


       The return value follows the Liquid Rescale library signalling system.
       However, it can be called multiple times, so it will never return
       LQR_USRCANCEL itself.


       LqrRetVal(3), lqr_carver_resize(3), lqr_carver_flatten(3)


       Copyright © 2007-2009 Carlo Baldassi