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       appender_type_stream.h - Log4c stream appender interface.


       #include <log4c/defs.h>
       #include <log4c/appender.h>

       __LOG4C_BEGIN_DECLS const log4c_appender_type_t

Detailed Description

       Log4c stream appender interface.

       The stream appender uses a file handle FILE* for logging. The
       appender’s name is used as the file name which will be opened at first
       log. An appender can also be associated to an opened file handle using
       the log4c_appender_set_udata() method to update the appender user data
       field. In this last case, the appender name has no meaning. 2 default
       stream appenders are defined: ’stdout’ and ’stderr’.

       The following examples shows how to define and use stream appenders.

       · the simple way
        log4c_appender_t* myappender;

        myappender = log4c_appender_get(’myfile.log’);
        log4c_appender_set_type(myappender, &log4c_appender_type_stream);

       · the sophisticated way
        log4c_appender_t* myappender;

        myappender = log4c_appender_get(’myappender’);

        log4c_appender_set_type(myappender, &log4c_appender_type_stream);
        log4c_appender_set_udata(myappender, fopen(’myfile.log’, ’w’));

Variable Documentation

   __LOG4C_BEGIN_DECLS const log4c_appender_type_t log4c_appender_type_stream
       Stream appender type definition.
       This should be used as a parameter to the log4c_appender_set_type()
       routine to set the type of the appender.


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