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       ldns_pkt_set_flags,  ldns_pkt_set_id, ldns_pkt_set_qr, ldns_pkt_set_aa,
       ldns_pkt_set_tc,  ldns_pkt_set_rd,  ldns_pkt_set_cd,   ldns_pkt_set_ra,
       ldns_pkt_set_ad,        ldns_pkt_set_opcode,        ldns_pkt_set_rcode,
       ldns_pkt_set_qdcount,    ldns_pkt_set_ancount,    ldns_pkt_set_nscount,
       ldns_pkt_set_arcount,  ldns_pkt_set_answerfrom, ldns_pkt_set_querytime,

       ldns_pkt_set_size, ldns_pkt_set_section_count, ldns_pkt_set_tsig-


       #include <stdint.h>
       #include <stdbool.h>

       #include <ldns/ldns.h>

       bool ldns_pkt_set_flags(ldns_pkt *pkt, uint16_t flags);

       void ldns_pkt_set_id(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t id);

       void ldns_pkt_set_qr(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);

       void ldns_pkt_set_aa(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);

       void ldns_pkt_set_tc(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);

       void ldns_pkt_set_rd(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);

       void ldns_pkt_set_cd(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);

       void ldns_pkt_set_ra(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);

       void ldns_pkt_set_ad(ldns_pkt *p, bool b);

       void ldns_pkt_set_opcode(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_pkt_opcode c);

       void ldns_pkt_set_rcode(ldns_pkt *p, uint8_t c);

       void ldns_pkt_set_qdcount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c);

       void ldns_pkt_set_ancount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c);

       void ldns_pkt_set_nscount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c);

       void ldns_pkt_set_arcount(ldns_pkt *p, uint16_t c);

       void ldns_pkt_set_answerfrom(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rdf *r);

       void ldns_pkt_set_querytime(ldns_pkt *p, uint32_t t);

       void ldns_pkt_set_size(ldns_pkt *p, size_t s);

       void  ldns_pkt_set_section_count(ldns_pkt   *p,   ldns_pkt_section   s,
       uint16_t x);

       void ldns_pkt_set_tsig(ldns_pkt *p, ldns_rr *t);


       ldns_pkt_set_flags() sets the flags in a packet.
              pkt: the packet to operate on
              flags: ORed values: LDNS_QR| LDNS_AR for instance
              Returns true on success otherwise false

       ldns_pkt_set_id() Set the packet’s id
              p: the packet
              id: the id to set

       ldns_pkt_set_qr() Set the packet’s qr bit
              p: the packet
              b: the value to set (boolean)

       ldns_pkt_set_aa() Set the packet’s aa bit
              p: the packet
              b: the value to set (boolean)

       ldns_pkt_set_tc() Set the packet’s tc bit
              p: the packet
              b: the value to set (boolean)

       ldns_pkt_set_rd() Set the packet’s rd bit
              p: the packet
              b: the value to set (boolean)

       ldns_pkt_set_cd() Set the packet’s cd bit
              p: the packet
              b: the value to set (boolean)

       ldns_pkt_set_ra() Set the packet’s ra bit
              p: the packet
              b: the value to set (boolean)

       ldns_pkt_set_ad() Set the packet’s ad bit
              p: the packet
              b: the value to set (boolean)

       ldns_pkt_set_opcode() Set the packet’s opcode
              p: the packet
              c: the opcode

       ldns_pkt_set_rcode() Set the packet’s respons code
              p: the packet
              c: the rcode

       ldns_pkt_set_qdcount() Set the packet’s qd count
              p: the packet
              c: the count

       ldns_pkt_set_ancount() Set the packet’s an count
              p: the packet
              c: the count

       ldns_pkt_set_nscount() Set the packet’s ns count
              p: the packet
              c: the count

       ldns_pkt_set_arcount() Set the packet’s arcount
              p: the packet
              c: the count

       ldns_pkt_set_answerfrom() Set the packet’s answering server
              p: the packet
              r: the address

       ldns_pkt_set_querytime() Set the packet’s query time
              p: the packet
              t: the querytime in msec

       ldns_pkt_set_size() Set the packet’s size
              p: the packet
              s: the size

       ldns_pkt_set_section_count() Set a packet’s section count to x
              p: the packet
              s: the section
              x: the section count

       ldns_pkt_set_tsig() Set the packet’s tsig rr
              p: the packet
              t: the tsig rr


       The  ldns  team  at  NLnet Labs. Which consists out of Jelte Jansen and
       Miek Gieben.


       Please report bugs to  or  in  our  bugzilla  at


       Copyright (c) 2004 - 2006 NLnet Labs.

       Licensed  under  the  BSD  License.  There is NO warranty; not even for


       ldns_pkt .  And perldoc Net::DNS, RFC1034,  RFC1035,  RFC4033,  RFC4034
       and RFC4035.


       This manpage was automaticly generated from the ldns source code by use
       of Doxygen and some perl.

                                  30 May 2006                          ldns(3)