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       iqueue.h -

       Generic RTP input queues.


       #include <ccrtp/queuebase.h>
       #include <ccrtp/CryptoContext.h>
       #include <list>

       class Members
           members and senders accounting
       class SyncSourceHandler
           SyncSource objects modification methods.
       class ParticipantHandler
           Participant objects modification methods.
       class ApplicationHandler
           Application objects modification methods.
       class ConflictHandler
           To track addresses of sources conflicting with the local one.
       struct ConflictHandler::ConflictingTransportAddress
       class MembershipBookkeeping
           Controls the group membership in the current session.
       struct MembershipBookkeeping::IncomingRTPPktLink
           Incoming RTP data packets control structure within the incoming
           packet queue class.
       struct MembershipBookkeeping::SyncSourceLink
           Synchronization Source internal handler within the incoming packets
       class IncomingDataQueue
           Queue for incoming RTP data packets in an RTP session.
       class IncomingDataQueue::SyncSourcesIterator
           iterator through the list of synchronizations sources in this

Detailed Description

       Generic RTP input queues.


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