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       ipq_read  -  read  queue  messages from ip_queue and read into supplied


       #include <linux/netfilter.h>
       #include <libipq.h>

       ssize_t ipq_read(const struct ipq_handle *h, unsigned char *buf, size_t
       len, int timeout);


       The  ipq_read function reads a queue message from the kernel and copies
       it to the memory pointed to by buf to a maximum length of len.

       The h parameter is a context handle which  must  previously  have  been
       returned successfully from a call to ipq_create_handle.

       The  caller  is  responsible for ensuring that the memory pointed to by
       buf is large enough to contain len bytes.

       The timeout parameter may be used to set a timeout for  the  operation,
       specified  in  microseconds.   This  is  implemented  internally by the
       library via the select system call.  A value of zero  provides  normal,
       backwards-compatible  blocking  behaviour  with no timeout.  A negative
       value causes the function to return immediately.

       Data returned via  buf  should  not  be  accessed  directly.   Use  the
       ipq_message_type,   ipq_get_packet,  and  ipq_get_msgerr  functions  to
       access the queue message in the buffer.


       On failure, -1 is returned.
       On success, a non-zero positive value is returned when no timeout value
       is specified.
       On  success with a timeout value specified, zero is returned if no data
       was available to read, or if a non-blocked signal was caught.   In  the
       latter case, the global errno value will be set to EINTR.


       On  error,  a  descriptive  error  message  will  be  available via the
       ipq_errstr function.


       While the ipq_read function may return successfully, the queue  message
       copied to the buffer may itself be an error message from a higher level
       kernel component.  Use ipq_message_type to determine if it is an  error
       message, and ipq_get_msgerr to access the value of the message.


       None known.


       James Morris <>


       Copyright (c) 2000-2001 Netfilter Core Team.

       Distributed under the GNU General Public License.


       Joost  Remijn  implemented  the  timeout feature, which appeared in the
       1.2.4 release of iptables.


       iptables(8), libipq(3), select(2).