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       im_system - run a command on an image


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       int im_system(im, cmd, out)
       IMAGE *im;
       const char *cmd;
       char **out;


       im_system()  runs a command on an image, returning the command’s output
       as a string. This string should be freed  with  im_free()  when  you’ve
       finished with it.

       The  command is executed with the system(3) call; the first ’%s’ in the
       command being substituted for a filename.

       For example:

       im_system( im, "vips2dj %s | lpr", &result )

       will run the command vips2dj(1) on the image, piping the result to  the

       If  the  IMAGE is a file on disc, then the filename will be the name of
       the real file.  If  the  image  is  in  memory,  or  the  result  of  a
       computation,  then  a  new file is created in the temporary area called
       something like "vips_XXXXXX", and that filename given to  the  command.
       The file is deleted when the command finishes.

       The  environment  variable  TMPDIR  can  be  used  to set the temporary
       directory. If it is not set, it defaults to "/tmp".


       The function returns 0 on success and -1 on error.


       system(3), vips2dj(1)


       2000 The National Gallery and Birkbeck College

                                  7 Mar 2000