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       im_lab_morph - calculate colour differences


       #include <vips/vips.h>

       int im_lab_morph( IMAGE *in, IMAGE *out,
         DOUBLEMASK *mask,
         double L_offset, double L_scale,
         double a_scale, double b_scale )


       This function tweaks the colour in an LAB image. It’s useful for making
       a ’tweaked’ image for sending to a colour printer.

       It performs three corrections: first, it straightens the  neutral  axis
       (this is useful if your printer tends to tint shadows slightly red, for
       example); it moves L* by adding an offset and  then  multiplying  by  a
       scale  (useful  if  your  printer  thinks  in relative colorimetry, for
       example), and finally scales a* and b* by  a  factor  (useful  if  your
       printer desaturates to avoid gamut clipping).

       The  neutral axis straightening is specified as a DOUBLEMASK containing
       L*, a* and b* readings taken from a print of a neutral  greyscale  (one
       with a* and b* zero). For example:

                 3 4
                 14.23   4.8     -3.95
                 18.74   2.76    -2.62
                 23.46   1.4     -1.95
                 27.53   1.76    -2.01

       This  is interpolated to make an a/b offset for each input value of L*.
       The top and  tail  are  interpolated  towards  [100,0,0]  and  [0,0,0].
       Entries in the mask can be in any order.


       All functions return 0 on success and -1 on error.


       National Gallery, 2001

                                 8 March 2001