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       How-To send or update registrations. - eXosip2 offers a flexible API to
       help you to register one or several identities.

   Initiate a registration
       To start a registration, you need to build a default REGISTER request
       bby providing several mandatory headers

         osip_message_t *reg = NULL;
         int id;
         int i;

         eXosip_lock ();
         id = eXosip_register_build_initial_register (identity, registrar, NULL,
                                                      1800, &reg);
         if (id < 0)
             eXosip_unlock ();
             return -1;

         osip_message_set_supported (reg, ’100rel’);
         osip_message_set_supported(reg, ’path’);

         i = eXosip_register_send_register (id, reg);
         eXosip_unlock ();
         return i;

       The returned element of eXosip_register_build_initial_register is the
       registration identifier that you can use to update your registration.
       In future events about this registration, you’ll see that registration
       identifier when applicable.

   Update a registration
       You just need to reuse the registration identifier:

         int i;

         eXosip_lock ();
         i = eXosip_register_build_register (id, 1800, &reg);
         if (i < 0)
             eXosip_unlock ();
             return -1;

         eXosip_register_send_register (id, reg);
         eXosip_unlock ();

       Note: The above code also shows that the stack is sometimes able to
       build and send a default SIP messages with only one API call

   Closing the registration
       A softphone should delete its registration on the SIP server when
       terminating. To do so, you have to send a REGISTER request with the
       expires header set to value ’0’.

       The same code as for updating a registration is used with 0 instead of
       1800 for the expiration delay.


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