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       gss_wrap_size_limit - API function


       #include <gss.h>

       OM_uint32    gss_wrap_size_limit(OM_uint32    *   minor_status,   const
       gss_ctx_id_t  context_handle,  int  conf_req_flag,  gss_qop_t  qop_req,
       OM_uint32 req_output_size, OM_uint32 * max_input_size);


       OM_uint32 * minor_status
                   (Integer, modify) Mechanism specific status code.

       const gss_ctx_id_t context_handle
                   (gss_ctx_id_t, read) A handle that refers to the
                     security over which the messages will be sent.

       int conf_req_flag
                   (Boolean, read) Indicates whether gss_wrap will be
                     asked to apply confidentiality protection in addition to
                     integrity  protection.   See  the routine description for
                     for more details.

       gss_qop_t qop_req
                   (gss_qop_t, read) Indicates the level of protection that
                     gss_wrap will be  asked  to  provide.   See  the  routine
                     for gss_wrap for more details.

       OM_uint32 req_output_size
                   (Integer, read) The desired maximum size for
                     tokens emitted by gss_wrap.

       OM_uint32 * max_input_size
                   (Integer, modify) The maximum input message size
                     that  may  be presented to gss_wrap in order to guarantee
                   that the
                     emitted token shall be  no  larger  than  req_output_size


       Allows  an  application  to determine the maximum message size that, if
       presented  to  gss_wrap  with  the  same  conf_req_flag   and   qop_req
       parameters,  will  result  in  an  output token containing no more than
       req_output_size bytes.

       This call is intended for use by  applications  that  communicate  over
       protocols   that  impose  a  maximum  message  size.   It  enables  the
       application to fragment messages prior to applying protection.

       GSS-API implementations are recommended  but  not  required  to  detect
       invalid  QOP  values when gss_wrap_size_limit() is called. This routine
       guarantees only  a  maximum  message  size,  not  the  availability  of
       specific QOP values for message protection.

       Successful  completion  of  this  call does not guarantee that gss_wrap
       will be able to protect a message of length max_input_size bytes, since
       this  ability may depend on the availability of system resources at the
       time that gss_wrap is called.  However, if  the  implementation  itself
       imposes  an upper limit on the length of messages that may be processed
       by  gss_wrap,  the  implementation  should  not  return  a  value   via
       max_input_bytes that is greater than this length.


       ‘GSS_S_COMPLETE‘: Successful completion.

       ‘GSS_S_NO_CONTEXT‘: The referenced context could not be accessed.

       ‘GSS_S_CONTEXT_EXPIRED‘: The context has expired.

       ‘GSS_S_BAD_QOP‘: The specified QOP is not supported by the mechanism.


       Report  bugs  to  <>.  GNU Generic Security Service home
       page: General help using GNU software:


       Copyright © 2003-2010 Simon Josefsson.
       Copying  and  distribution  of this file, with or without modification,
       are permitted in any medium  without  royalty  provided  the  copyright
       notice and this notice are preserved.


       The  full  documentation for gss is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
       the info and gss programs are properly  installed  at  your  site,  the

              info gss

       should give you access to the complete manual.