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       gss_inquire_mechs_for_name - API function


       #include <gss.h>

       OM_uint32  gss_inquire_mechs_for_name(OM_uint32  *  minor_status, const
       gss_name_t input_name, gss_OID_set * mech_types);


       OM_uint32 * minor_status
                   (Integer, modify) Mechanism specific status code.

       const gss_name_t input_name
                   (gss_name_t, read) The name to which the inquiry

       gss_OID_set * mech_types
                   (gss_OID_set, modify) Set of mechanisms that may
                     support the specified name.  The returned OID set must be
                     by    the    caller    after   use   with   a   call   to


       Returns the set of mechanisms supported by the  GSS-API  implementation
       that may be able to process the specified name.

       Each  mechanism returned will recognize at least one element within the
       name.  It is permissible for this routine to be  implemented  within  a
       mechanism-independent   GSS-API   layer,  using  the  type  information
       contained  within  the  presented  name,  and  based  on   registration
       information  provided  by  individual  mechanism implementations.  This
       means that the returned mech_types set may indicate that  a  particular
       mechanism  will  understand  the  name  when in fact it would refuse to
       accept    the    name    as     input     to     gss_canonicalize_name,
       gss_init_sec_context,  gss_acquire_cred  or  gss_add_cred  (due to some
       property of the specific name, as opposed to the name type).  Thus this
       routine  should  be used only as a prefilter for a call to a subsequent
       mechanism-specific routine.


       ‘GSS_S_COMPLETE‘: Successful completion.

       ‘GSS_S_BAD_NAME‘: The input_name parameter was ill-formed.

       ‘GSS_S_BAD_NAMETYPE‘: The input_name parameter contained an invalid  or
       unsupported type of name.


       Report  bugs  to  <>.  GNU Generic Security Service home
       page: General help using GNU software:


       Copyright © 2003-2010 Simon Josefsson.
       Copying  and  distribution  of this file, with or without modification,
       are permitted in any medium  without  royalty  provided  the  copyright
       notice and this notice are preserved.


       The  full  documentation for gss is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
       the info and gss programs are properly  installed  at  your  site,  the

              info gss

       should give you access to the complete manual.