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       globus_url_t -

       Parsed URLs.


   Data Fields
       char * scheme
       globus_url_scheme_t scheme_type
       char * user
       char * password
       char * host
       unsigned short port
       char * url_path
       char * dn
       char * attributes
       char * scope
       char * filter
       char * url_specific_part

Detailed Description

       Parsed URLs.

       This structure contains the fields which were parsed from an string
       representation of an URL. There are no methods to access fields of this

Field Documentation

   char* globus_url_t::scheme
       A string containing the URL’s scheme (http, ftp, etc).

   globus_url_scheme_t globus_url_t::scheme_type
       An enumerated scheme type. This is derived from the scheme string

   char* globus_url_t::user
       The username portion of the URL. [ftp, gsiftp]

   char* globus_url_t::password
       The user’s password from the URL. [ftp, gsiftp]

   char* globus_url_t::host
       The host name or IP address of the URL. [ftp, gsiftp, http, https,
       ldap, x-nexus

   unsigned short globus_url_t::port
       The TCP port number of the service providing the URL [ftp, gsiftp,
       http, https, ldap, x-nexus].

   char* globus_url_t::url_path
       The path name of the resource on the service providing the URL. [ftp,
       gsiftp, http, https]

   char* globus_url_t::dn
       The distinguished name for the base of an LDAP search. [ldap]

   char* globus_url_t::attributes
       The list of attributes which should be returned from an LDAP search.

   char* globus_url_t::scope
       The scope of an LDAP search. [ldap]

   char* globus_url_t::filter
       The filter to be applied to an LDAP search [ldap].

   char* globus_url_t::url_specific_part
       An unparsed string containing the remaining text after the optional
       host and port of an unknown URL, or the contents of a x-gass-cache URL
       [x-gass-cache, unknown].


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