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       Miscellaneous -

       Miscellaneous functions and types.

   Data Structures
       struct globus_rls_attribute_t
           Object (LFN or PFN) attribute type.
       struct globus_rls_stats_t
           Various configuration options and statistics about an RLS server
           returned in the following structures by globus_rls_client_stats().

       #define RLS_LRCSERVER   0x1
       #define RLS_RLISERVER   0x2
       #define RLS_RCVLFNLIST   0x4
       #define RLS_RCVBLOOMFILTER   0x8
       #define RLS_SNDLFNLIST   0x10
       #define RLS_SNDBLOOMFILTER   0x20
       #define RLS_INITIALIZED   0x40

       enum globus_rls_pattern_t { rls_pattern_unix, rls_pattern_sql }
       enum globus_rls_attr_type_t { globus_rls_attr_type_date,
           globus_rls_attr_type_flt, globus_rls_attr_type_int,
           globus_rls_attr_type_str }
       enum globus_rls_obj_type_t { globus_rls_obj_lrc_lfn,
           globus_rls_obj_lrc_pfn, globus_rls_obj_rli_lfn,
           globus_rls_obj_rli_lrc }
       enum globus_rls_attr_op_t { globus_rls_attr_op_all,
           globus_rls_attr_op_eq, globus_rls_attr_op_ne,
           globus_rls_attr_op_gt, globus_rls_attr_op_ge,
           globus_rls_attr_op_lt, globus_rls_attr_op_le,
           globus_rls_attr_op_btw, globus_rls_attr_op_like }
       enum globus_rls_admin_cmd_t { globus_rls_admin_cmd_ping,
           globus_rls_admin_cmd_quit, globus_rls_admin_cmd_ssu }

       globus_result_t globus_rls_client_admin (globus_rls_handle_t *h,
           globus_rls_admin_cmd_t cmd)
       globus_result_t globus_rls_client_get_configuration
           (globus_rls_handle_t *h, char *option, globus_list_t **conf_list)
       globus_result_t globus_rls_client_set_configuration
           (globus_rls_handle_t *h, char *option, char *value)
       globus_result_t globus_rls_client_stats (globus_rls_handle_t *h,
           globus_rls_stats_t *rlsstats)
       char * globus_rls_client_attr2s (globus_rls_attribute_t *attr, char
           *buf, int buflen)
       globus_result_t globus_rls_client_s2attr (globus_rls_attr_type_t type,
           char *sval, globus_rls_attribute_t *attr)
       globus_result_t globus_rls_client_error_info (globus_result_t r, int
           *rc, char *buf, int buflen, globus_bool_t preserve)
       int globus_list_len (globus_list_t *len)
       char * globus_rls_errmsg (int rc, char *specificmsg, char *buf, int

Detailed Description

       Miscellaneous functions and types.

Define Documentation

   #define RLS_LRCSERVER   0x1
       Server is LRC server.

   #define RLS_RLISERVER   0x2
       Server is RLI server.

   #define RLS_RCVLFNLIST   0x4
       RLI accepts LFN list updates.

   #define RLS_RCVBLOOMFILTER   0x8
       RLI accepts Bloom filter updates.

   #define RLS_SNDLFNLIST   0x10
       LRC sends LFN list updates.

   #define RLS_SNDBLOOMFILTER   0x20
       LRC sends Bloom filter updates.

   #define RLS_INITIALIZED   0x40
       RLC is fully initialized.

Enumeration Type Documentation

   enum globus_rls_pattern_t
       Wildcard character style.


              Unix file globbing chars (*, ?).

              SQL ’like’ wildcards (%, _).

   enum globus_rls_attr_type_t
       Attribute Value Types.


              Date (time_t).

              Floating point (double).

              Integer (int).

              String (char *).

   enum globus_rls_obj_type_t
       Object types in LRC and RLI databases.


              LRC Logical File Name.

              LRC Physical File Name.

              RLI Logical File Name.

              RLI LRC URL.

   enum globus_rls_attr_op_t
       Attribute Value Query Operators.


              All values returned.

              Values matching operand 1 returned.

              Values not matching operand 1.

              Values greater than operand 1.

              Values greater than or equal to op1.

              Values less than operand 1.

              Values less than or equal to op1.

              Values between operand1 and 2.

              Strings ’like’ operand1 (SQL like).

   enum globus_rls_admin_cmd_t
       globus_rls_client_admin() commands.


              Verify RLS server responding.

              Tell RLS server to exit.

              Tell LRC server to do softstate update.

Function Documentation

   globus_result_t globus_rls_client_admin (globus_rls_handle_t * h,
       globus_rls_admin_cmd_t cmd)
       Miscellaneous administrative operations. Most operations require the
       admin privilege.

           h Handle connected to RLS server.
           cmd Command to be sent to RLS server.

       Return values:
           GLOBUS_SUCCESS Command succeeded.

   globus_result_t globus_rls_client_get_configuration (globus_rls_handle_t *
       h, char * option, globus_list_t ** conf_list)
       Get server configuration. Client needs admin privilege.

           h Handle connected to RLS server.
           option Configuration option to get. If NULL all options are

       Return values:
           conf_list List of configuration options.
           GLOBUS_SUCCESS List of retrieved config options returned in
           conf_list, each datum is of type globus_rls_string2_t. conf_list
           should be freed with globus_rls_client_free_list(). There may be
           multiple ’acl’ entries in the list, since the access control list
           can include more than one entry. Each acl configuration value is
           consists of a regular expression (matched against grid-mapfile
           users or DNs), a colon, and space separated list of permissions the
           matching users are granted.

   globus_result_t globus_rls_client_set_configuration (globus_rls_handle_t *
       h, char * option, char * value)
       Set server configuration option. Client needs admin privilege.

           h Handle connected to RLS server.
           option Configuration option to set.
           value New value for option.

       Return values:
           GLOBUS_SUCCESS Option set on server.

   globus_result_t globus_rls_client_stats (globus_rls_handle_t * h,
       globus_rls_stats_t * rlsstats)
       Retrieve various statistics from RLS server. Requires stats privilege.

           h Handle connected to RLS server.
           rlsstats Stats returned here.

       Return values:
           GLOBUS_SUCCESS Stats returned in rlsstats.

   char* globus_rls_client_attr2s (globus_rls_attribute_t * attr, char * buf,
       int buflen)
       Map attribute value to string. Parameters:
           attr Attribute to convert. If attr->type is
           globus_rls_attr_type_date then the resulting string will be in the
           format MySQL uses by default, which is YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.
           buf Buffer to write string value to. Note if attr->type is
           globus_rls_attr_type_str then attr->val.s is returned, and buf is
           buflen Size of buf in bytes.

       Return values:
           String Value Attribute value converted to a string.

   globus_result_t globus_rls_client_s2attr (globus_rls_attr_type_t type, char
       * sval, globus_rls_attribute_t * attr)
       Set globus_rls_attribute_t type and val fields from a type and string
       value. Parameters:
           type Attribute value type.
           sval String value to convert to binary. If type is
           globus_rls_attr_type_date sval should be in the form YYYY-MM-DD
           attr Attribute whose type and val fields are to be set.

       Return values:
           GLOBUS_SUCCESS attr->type and attr->val successfully set.

   globus_result_t globus_rls_client_error_info (globus_result_t r, int * rc,
       char * buf, int buflen, globus_bool_t preserve)
       Get error code and message from globus_result_t returned by this API.
           r Result returned by RLS API function. r is freed by this call and
           should not be referenced again. If preserve is set then a new
           globus_result_t is constructed with the same values and returned as
           the function value.
           rc Address to store error code at. If NULL error code is not
           buf Address to store error message at. If NULL error message is not
           preserve If GLOBUS_TRUE then a new globus_result_t is contructed
           with the same values as the old and returned as the function value.
           buflen Size of buf.

       Return values:
           globus_result_t If preserve is set a new globus_result_t identical
           to r is returned, otherwise GLOBUS_SUCCESS.

   int globus_list_len (globus_list_t * len)
       Compute length of list. globus_list_size() is implemented using
       recursion, besides being inefficient it can run out of stack space when
       the list is large.

   char* globus_rls_errmsg (int rc, char * specificmsg, char * buf, int
       Map RLS status code to error string. Parameters:
           rc Status code.
           specificmsg If not NULL prepended (with a colon) to error string.
           buf Buffer to write error message to.
           buflen Length of buf. Message will be truncated to fit if too long.

       Return values:
           char * Returns buf, error message written to buf.


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