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       globus_gram_job_manager_script_interface - Job Manager Scheduler
       Interface The GRAM Job Manager interfaces with the job filesystems and
       scheduler through scheduler-specific Perl modules.

       GRAM provides several Perl modules which can be used to implement
       scheduler-specific interfaces to the GRAM Job Manager. These are:

           This module implements the GRAM error results as objects. Methods
           in this module will construct a GRAM error with the value matching
           the values in the GRAM Protocol library. A scheduler-specific
           JobManager module may return one of these objects from its methods
           to indicate errors to the Job Manager program.

           This module defines the GRAM job state constants. A scheduler-
           specific JobManager module returns one of these values from its
           methods to indicate the managed job’s current state.

           This module defines the GRAM job signal constant values. The Job
           Manager uses these values to communicate which signal is being
           invoked in the manager’s signal method.

           This module defines the actual implementatoin of the Job Manager
           scheduler interface. One writing a scheduler-specific GRAM
           interface will create a subclass of this object which overrides the
           default implementation’s methods.

           This module mimics the RSL job description using perl syntax. The
           job manager passes an object of this type to the JobManager
           modules’s constructor. The job manager stores RSL and some
           configuration values in that JobDescription object. The manager
           accesses values stored in the JobDescription by invoking methods
           containing the RSL attribute’s name (example:
           $description->gram_my_job()). Method names are handled as if they
           were based on the canonical RSL representation of the attribute
           name. For example, the gram_my_job may be equivalently referred to
           as GramMyJob, grammyjob, or GRAM_My_Job.

Version 10.42                     7globus0gram_job_manager_script_interface(3)